Retiree Corner

SAMPANN is an initiative undertaken by the Controller General of Communication Accounts (CGCA), Department of Telecommunications. SAMPANN or “System for Accounting and Management of Pension” is the brand name for Comprehensive Pension Management System(CPMS). It is a seamless pension processing system through integrated software, which would bring the processing, sanctioning, authorisation and payment units under a common platform.

SAMPANN has been rolled out PAN India after inauguration on 29.12.18 by Hon’ble Prime Minister. SAMPANN has been rolled out in four phases PAN India by 24.5.19.

  1. Direct disbursement of pension on timely basis without intermediaries
  2. Single window system for complete pension process
  3. Online grievance management for the pensioners reducing paper work
  4. Tracking of pension status from home encourages transparency and accountability
  5. Faster processing of arrears and revision of pension
Features of SAMPANN

1. Digital profile for pensioner: Under SAMPANN, a digital profile is being created for pensioners wherein Pensioners can login to his dashboard at On the dashboard, pensioner will have following facilities.

  1. Pension Sanction: Pensioner can view the pension sanctions i.e. ePPO (Digitally signed PPO), Gratuity sanction and sanction of revision of pension on the dashboard, along with details of commutation payment and arrears. It may be noted these sanction will be available for future use.
  2. Lodge Grievance: Pensioner can lodge grievance online and check its status also. Alternately the Pensioner can always call the national Helpline 1800-113-5800 or mail his grievances/query to sampann.cpms-dot[at]nic[dot]in.
  3. Pension statement: Pensioner can check the pension payments made till now on his/her dashboard.
  4. Mobile Number, Email ID and Address Update: Retirees will get the feature to update their mobile number, Email ID and address online at any time at their leisure.
  5. Retiring officer/official can see the progress of his/her application at the top of the dashboard till pension Authorization.

2. Fill and Submit Forms: Retirees can fill and submit their forms online without any hassles. However, currently the forms are being filled by CCA offices on behalf of the pensioner based on physical documents submitted by him/her. Once BSNL offices are brought on board and they start using online system, retiree can fill/submit their forms online. However, the features mentioned above are available for all pensioners who are receiving direct disbursement from the CCA offices.

3. SMS Alerts: Retirees shall get timely updates on their registered mobile number about the processing of their application, payments etc.

4. FAQ's for the pensioners can be downloaded from the link .


To access the above features, Pensioner can also use SAMPANN MOBILE APP - A dedicated app for Telecom retirees – available on Google Play store.

Using the APP, a pensioner can:

  • Track pension
  • View ePPO
  • Lodge and track grievances
  • View monthly Statement
  • Stay Updated

It may be noted that there will be no change for the Telecom Pensioners drawing pension from Banks/Post offices and they will continue in the current system till order for migration is issued. The existing pensioners will be migrated to the new system followed by announcements and proper intimations. Such Pensioners will not be able to access the dashboard till migration.


Retirees can get in touch by following modes to get their queries and concerns resolved:

  • All India Toll-free helpline: 1800-113-5800
  • Centralized helpdesk Email id- sampann[dot]cpms-dot[at]gov[dot]in